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 +====== CobraMUSH Levels ======
 +[[:About | CobraMUSH]] maintains 30 levels 1-30.  Only two are of particular real interest beyond how you wish to setup your game in particular.
 +===== Guest Level =====
 +**Level 1** is also referred to as the guest level. ​ Which realistically should never be set upon a player manually as Guests are auto-created in [[:About | CobraMUSH]]. ​ Along with the referenced behavior of auto-creating guests, guests are also automatically scheduled for destruction upon disconnection is the particular reason you should refrain from setting players level 1.
 +===== God Level =====
 +**Level 30** is also referred to as the God level. ​ Although there is a god player definition in the mush.cnf, level 30 inherits some of the God characteristics as well.  And as any normal PennMUSHer knows performing maintenance on general systems and using the '​God'​ character for normal operations creates problems in the long run.  So lets just take the advice here & now.  Refrain from using level 30 for your System Directors, level 29 is meant for that.
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