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 +====== CobraMUSH Division System ======
 +The Division system in use works much like [[zone tree | zone trees]] in that it allows
 +for commands to be placed on the division object and those commands are
 +accessible to people attached to the division (or parent divisions). Depending
 +on how your division tree is setup a great deal of control can be maintained
 +over who can do what to what. Below we'll use a sample division tree and
 +briefly run through it.
 + Above you see a standard setup of the division system used to represent
 +various [[empires]] and [[organizations]] within them. The primary reason for this
 +setup is [[security]]. Through the Division System powers, class levels and power 
 +groups grant complete control. With this control you also gain the ability
 +to grant division leaders and empire heads and people in similiar positions the
 +powers they need to best perform their duties.
 + For example we have Player1 who is attached to Branch1 of Empire1. This
 +player regardless of the [[powers list | powers]] given to him wouldnt be able to affect anyone
 +outside of Branch1. However following that example we have Player2 who is the
 +EmpireDirector of Empire1. With the [[powers list | powers]] granted to an empire leader Player2
 +will be able to [[examine]],​ [[modify]] and in many other ways help to insure that
 +Empire1 is run as smoothly as possible.
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